• Statement of Philosophy

    We are an independent Baptist church seeking to live out the beliefs and practices of God’s Word. We believe in the centrality of the preaching of God’s Word in a clear way that speaks to the heart of mankind. We practice Bible memorization together as a church. We seek to be truly a spiritual family for each active attendee to our church, loving and caring one for another. We seek to live in a sanctified way, separating ourselves from the sins and lusts of the old nature. Doctrinal Statement and Constitution
  • A Brief History of Calvary Baptist Church

    In the fall of 1949 a few families began meeting for a weekly home Bible study conducted by Rev. Peter Wiens, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Sibley. As interest grew, they soon moved to the Memorial Room of the Sheldon Community Building. Nearly seven years later several of the people were convinced that it was time to organize into a Baptist church. Beginning in August of 1956, two Sunday services and a mid-week prayer meeting were held. Brother Loren Gerber, a church-planting missionary, moved his trailer home and family to Sheldon and began the work of organizing a Baptist church. Some of the charter members were Bernie and Agatha Boone, Dorothy Dykhuizen and Fred and Rose Van Loh. During the winter of 1956, a tragic automobile accident claimed the lives of Brother Gerber's wife and two of his three children. A short while later Brother Gerber was called to organize another church and moved on to a new community. ( He was at Calvary Baptist Church approximately five months.) In July of 1957, Rev. Don Howard became the first pastor of Calvary. During his tenure the church purchased the former Lutheran church building along with its parsonage. The first service in the purchased building was held on April 23, 1961, and the following Sunday, April 30, the building was formally dedicated. The mortgage was burned in August of 1962. Pastor Howard and wife Marianna remained at Calvary until September of 1962. (Five years, one month.) In January of 1963, L.E. Thomas became the pastor and ministered at Calvary Baptist until July 1967. (Four years, six months.) Paul Campbell followed Pastor Thomas, coming in 1968 and leaving in 1970. (One year, six months.) In August of 1970, Duayne Clapp, wife Roberta and family arrived in Sheldon to minister in Calvary Baptist Church. Believing that the Lord was calling them into missions work, Pastor Clapp resigned in December of 1972 and soon left for Uruguay. (Two years, four months.) LaVern Gaylord assumed the pastorate from 1973 to 1974, (One year four months.) followed by Tunis Schuurman from July of 1975 through December of 1978. (Three years, four months.) At this time Pastor Ron Hanson was called to serve Calvary Baptist Church. He arrived in June of 1979 and ministered in Sheldon until April of 1983. (Three years, ten months.) Pastor Lyonel M. Watkins was invited to minister in Sheldon. He and his wife Peggy served Calvary Baptist from November 1983 until October of 1990, becoming the longest ministry to date in the history of Calvary Baptist, having ministered in Sheldon for just over seven years. (Seven years, one month.) Pastor Marcus B. Moffitt was then given a unanimous call to be the under-shepherd of Calvary Baptist. He along with his wife Jeanne and their family arrived in Sheldon in July of 1991. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Our Pastor and Family

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  • Our Ministry Purpose

    - To submit ourselves to the authority of God’s Word. - To see lost souls come to Christ as their personal Savior. - To see each believer mature in Bible knowledge and the application of God’s Word. - To provide opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, fellowship and encouragement.